Assistive Technology Center

Effective August 2016, the Assistive Technology Center (ATC), formerly known as The Adaptive Technology Lab, is expanding their support services to all matriculating students by providing academic accommodation support through technology. This expanded service is now available to supplement the services provided by the local school.

Matriculating students that need academic reasonable accommodations must first register with their school’s Local Disability Coordinator (LDC).  Local Disability Coordinators will facilitate the reasonable accommodation exploration process and make referrals to the ATC, as needed.

Services can include electronic versions of course materials, access to course content in the classroom and testing accommodations.

The ATC also demonstrates assistive technologies by appointment for members of the Harvard community including ergonomic input devices (keyboards, mice, etc.) and dictation software (i.e. Dragon Naturally Speaking, Mac Speech Dictate, etc.).

Location and Contact Info

Harvard University Assistive Technology Center
Science Center, Room B06j
1 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
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Phone: 617-496-8800