Students who wish to request accommodations should contact their school's Local Student Disability Coordinator (LDC) to initiate the reasonable accommodation exploration process. Many LDCs have resources and forms posted on their website to begin the process. Please see the LDC List to find your School’s contact person or office.

Faculty and Staff

For general foundational information regarding ergonomics at Harvard, including adjusting your furniture and office equipment and vendor information, please visit Harvard Environmental Health and Safety.

Employees may complete an ergonomic assessment via EH&S Computer Workstation Self-Assessment & Training program (Harvard Key Login). This program is intended to educate you on the basics of ergonomics and then have you apply this knowledge to adjust your workstation.

If additional assistance is needed after the completion of the online self-assessment & training program, a representative from EH&S can be available to provide an in-person evaluation of your workstation. Requests for an in-person evaluation can be made on the EH&S website.

Employees wishing to request a workplace reasonable accommodation should refer to Workplace Accommodations.