Harvard Ombuds Office


The Harvard Ombuds Office supports an ethical and civil culture, encouraging mutual understanding and resolution through respectful dialogue and fair processes.



The Harvard Ombuds Office, with sites on the Cambridge and Longwood campuses, is a confidential and informal resource available to anyone with a connection to Harvard’s community including students, faculty, staff, trainees and retirees.  A discussion with an impartial Ombuds can help a visitor voice concerns, clarify goals and consider options so that they can make their own best decisions about next steps.  Any issue affecting one’s work or studies may be brought to an Ombuds. For more information or to schedule a zoom, phone or in-person visit: https://harvardombuds.harvard.edu/

Cambridge: Serving all schools and affiliates except those related to the Longwood Campus

Longwood: Serving Harvard’s Medical School, School of Dental Medicine and T.H. Chan School of Public Health and appointees at Harvard’s hospital affiliates