Harvard Covid-19 Safe Return to Campus Resources

Harvard is committed to the safety of its campus and has gone to extensive lengths to implement safeguards to protect the well-being of its community members. Success of this effort requires the engagement of all members of the community working together to advance this common goal. To that end, below please find a list of some of the implemented resources that you may find helpful as you plan your return to campus. Additional protocols may exist in your building or immediate work area.


Latest COVID-related news from the University (including on Health and Safety Notices and Health and Wellbeing)

COVID-19 Training

Crimson Clear

Covid-19 Testing Guidance - all employees on campus for more than 4 hours per week

Reporting of exposure/positive tests


Masks/Face Coverings:

Facilities Planning: Return to the Workplace

Density- up to 40% of undergrads on campus this fall



Two main resources for modification of teaching and virtual learning environment:

How you can do your part in helping ensure a safe campus


There are buildings that have designated entrances and exits to assist with foot traffic.


Please check your building’s website to see if such guidance exists for your building.